Cock Eyed Oliver and Little Linda

Who would think sparrows could take over a balcony from crows . Here you see one very young bird .Parent brings and makes sure junior is seated on a huge rock in the middle of an improvised bird bath .Parent goes off and junior waits .Upon return feeding takes place .(see link to video filmed today from my bed ) Why Oliver ? Avian' 'more more' 'is easily understood .
Linda is in the extra and a beauty .Her owner was conned 5 years ago by a junky who sits each day outside the supermarket.She gave him 70€ and took a poor malnourished dog away  It was due to have puppies ..Soon and with proper care It was looking well ..This wonderful lady kept one and named her Linda, Then  found the others good homes including the mother of the pups...People like this are the hope for the world .
Magical Moments With Sparrows

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