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By arkensielphoto

Pink Poppy

Today's picture is of the pink Poppy I purchased in bud the other day. Looking out of the window this morning I thought the bud had been eaten by deer as I could not see it. Once outside I could see that it had opened overnight into this beautiful poppy. I decided I would use it today, just in case it gets eaten! It is called Princess Victoria Louise, which is why I wanted it as my granddaughter is called Victoria, but her middle name is not Louise.

A day of doing not very much, cooking roast, knitting and of course watching the Formula one.

I am posting early today so I do not know what the temperature will be at GMT noon today, but it looks as though it will be twenty-two degrees Celsius. 

Update: Looking back over the pictures previously taken for this day, which I do everyday, I can see that two years ago I also posted a picture of a pink Poppy; that one had just appeared in the garden. There are some more Poppies growing in the same border; maybe when they flower they will be pink too.

Second Update: My daughter telephoned just after I posted my blip to see if I wanted to go to Scotsdales Garden Centre with her; I bought five more pond plants; now I have nine plants in the pond as well as some floating ones.

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