Life through the lens...

By ValC

The Worlds Oldest Working Railway.

........and it only took us 15 mins to get there.

This delightful gem is The Middleton Railway in Leeds.
Ist opened in September 1758.
See here Little Railway Big History.

We have just spent the most delightful day here, at their the Mixed Traffic Weekend.

Collage shows
Top Left.   John Alcock  -  Diesel Engine.
Built by the Hunslet Engine Co. in 1932.

Top Right.
A small shunter 1310,  Built at Gateshead in 1891.

Bottom Left.
Model of the First steam locomotive  " Salamanca"  Built in Leeds 1812 and named after the Duke of Wellington's victory at the battle of Salamanca.

Bottom Mid.
Brookes No 1 standard Hunslet Saddle Tank. built 1943

Bottom Right
Three very happy workers, who love messing about with trains.
Many thanks to them.

We rode on the train as far as  Middleton Park  (  see extra collage) another gem.
Walked up through the woods, had a look round the rose garden, 
down to the lake and Information Center where we had coffee sat outside the cafe. Not much sun but very warm.
Then caught the train back to the station where we looked round the museum. Fascinating.  So much local history.  Many reasons why Leeds became such a prosperous town.
It was five years since we visited last time, but won't be another five years before we go again.

I can highly recommend a visit. Only open weekends I believe.

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