Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Creek Cleaner

I had a really early start today. So early, the alarm was set for 5:50 am!

G had an early start and I had another DBWC event at the Chamber of Commerce, so I dropped her at school and had plenty of time to get some shots of the Creek whilst I waited for the session to start.

Today, I learnt how to navigate the minefield to Provide Effective Feedback using the SBI method. It was developed a few decades ago by a company in America called CCL who were founded by the family who produce VICKS Vaporub. There you go! The session was very practical and interactive and I came away with a little postcard and workbook.

I collected G and for the first time in ages, we ate Union Co-op shawarmas by the beach. It was great to have them again. It was way too hot to keep the car running for longer than necessary, so we were home asap. G delivered her online lesson and the evening vanished. Glad that's Sunday done! On to the rest of the week now!

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