Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Close shave

I'm blipping this a week later, so this could be a very short journal!

G spent some time in the kitchen on the weekend and two cakes and this loaf of bread were produced. The cakes were taken to school and were received very well. We got to eat the bread today. It's very edible but, in her own words, the recipe needs improving! :)

I drove G to work in the Volvo having worked out that it would be parked in the shade so should cope fine with cooling. On the way home, not long into the journey, I felt the a/c cut out and warm air started emanating from the vents. This is the last thing you want when it is 48 deg C outside with high humidity!

The decision was made to drive straight to Volvo paying however many tolls there are on the way. Happily, we made it there, but not before we got the whiff of something burning and then about 1km away from the garage, I saw smoke coming from the fuse box area. Argh! So mad, sad, disappointed.

The service advisor patiently listened to me relay the sequence of events and asked if I was prepared to finally give up on the car. It still drives well when they can get it going, so I can't imagine it is the end. I have to admit, G & I were ready to jump out of the car as soon as I parked it up.

We got home later than planned and this meal was whipped up in minutes. I spent some of the evening moping. 

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