Doin' A Double

Another cinema double today; one very good movie and one incredibly dull one! We saw Toy Story 4 first, which was a very pleasant surprise. I hadn't expected a lot because I felt like the saga ended pretty well with 3, but this was probably my favourite of the sequels! I haven't quote decided whether it's as good as or better than the first movie yet; might need to rewatch them all. After a scrumptious sausage and colcannon lunch at O'Neill's, we went back to Cineworld for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. I was thoroughly underwhelmed by this movie. I don't get how you make something with quite a bit of action in it so effin' dull, but they managed it! It actually made me a bit annoyed because there were one or two really cool bits, but they were buried in whining and melodrama. Also, none of the X-Men have any semblance of a personality outside of "I'm so hard done by, whinge, moan!", which just makes me not care about anything that's happening. We decided to take the taste of the terrible movie out of our mouths by catching up with Ruth and Phil for beers and pizza afterwards. I successfully managed to pick the most average beers for the most part; I think the peach sour I had was probably the best. After singing (re: screaming) One Thing in Head of Steam, we decided it was time to slink off home. 

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