Lakefront Festival of Art

I met my friend TerryAnn downtown this morning on the grounds of the Art Museum, where the Festival of Art is being held. Some of the booths were set up inside the atrium of the museum & the rest were outside under huge tents. The photo on the left is of one of the two walkways that lead to the main areas of the museum, & I love the shape of it as well as its light & airy feel. We had a great time browsing around the wonderfully diverse offerings—jewelry, pottery, glass, photography, clothing, textiles, paintings, cloisonné, woodworking & more. I spent a long time talking to two very different photographers; the first is pictured here & I loved his photos! He travels around the US looking for derelict old buildings, cars, etc. & had such a wide variety of images! My favorite was of an elegant old curving staircase from a decaying mansion in New Orleans. The other photographer was originally from Australia but is now living in Colorado, & his extreme weather pictures were stunning! He said he’s obsessed with clouds & it shows! He had amazing photos of storm clouds with lightening, tornadoes, funnel clouds before they touched down, super cells, etc. He was very gracious answering my “important” questions, some of which didn’t exactly pertain to the actual taking of the photos! (like: why weren’t you running for your life with such a massive tornado half a mile away?? Haha! He had a great sense of humor or I wouldn’t have been joking around!) A really nice way to spend a few hours, and we lucked out because we both made it home before the rain came poring down! :))

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