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By njoyce06

Vivian Is At It Again........

   Today has been a beastly, hot, day with awful humidity.  Yet, inspite of 94 temps and dripping sweat,  9 of us sat under the pavilion with 6 fans trying to stay cool.  It was Bonsai Group 2 Reserve Workshop day, or better known as Reserve 2.  We had some wonderful trees to critique, trim, design, and style.   Lunch time came quickly....   everyone was hungry and thirsty.  Conversation was humorous, thoughtful, and enlightening.
     After lunch we went to work, each on our tree.  I had my Serissa at the workshop.   The tree is probably 5 or 6 years old, it is growing rapidly and  healthy.  Today, the tree was pulled out of the pot, only to discover there were loads and loads of fine roots, circling around, as thick as a woven mat of palm leaves.  It took all afternoon to comb the roots out, thin and shorten, and then find a new pot for it to spend this year.  On the right is the Serissa, snuggled, wired and potted in a new home for this coming year.

This evening, Vivian and the girls got out for a short but unbearably humid and still evening walk.  Even though the girls had been inside all day, and were exuberant to get outside,  they dodged for the first shortcut they knew of to get home and get back in the air conditioning.  Needless to say, Vivian couldn't wait to get back inside, either  :-))))))

Extra 1: ! The Blipper Traveling Together....    2: mountain Town main drag...... 

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