Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The play

I know a few (non-blippers) that would like to see this so here is one more bball shot.   Hale won again easily and the there will be one final game tonight for the winner but we just couldn't stay as we are packing up to leave early in the morning.   (we'll get updates!  I'll share)    H watched the play the coach drew out on the board here and then said they went out and did it exactly, ending with 3 points by Nik.   We met this coach tonight --he seems like such a nice guy.
Extra, a really nice photo I thought of our happy son and dil with her parents who came to this game.  Who says we are not supportive! 
So tomorrow it's back to my books, boat, water, forest and quiet. 

game update:  down by 10 in the second half against an excellent Seattle team, there is a bad mistaken call by ref with upset parents etc.  Coach ends up with tech foul and forfits game.,   But they got an amazing 2nd and am sure they are tired and need to go home.   :-)

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