Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Dinner OUT

For the first time since at least early March!   How about this for a lovely restaurant with good social distancing?  Oh my, What a treat to enjoy at wonderful friends' R and D”s lovely home outdoors on a beautiful night.  (the rabbit did hop thru here while we were eating...they are everywhere.  What about this pandemic would make for more rabbits? )  Today our governor has finally ordered masks to be worn in public spaces for everyone in the state.   It does seem crazy to be opening up when the numbers are increasing.  And I just read that the USA along with Brazil and Russia is probably going to be banned from traveling to the EU!!  (can’t begin to say more about that ………yet)   R and D in extra...( thank you my friend!)

It was also Fiona Tuesday so today we heard about many of the Harry Potter characters’ next generation families as portrayed by PMVs , going to Hogswarts which is now being led by a woman!  She had to keep list of all the made up families and their names…. there are anagrams involved too.

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