Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Day after Father's Day

With the other Dad and family.   H was really missing playing with Maple so we went over for a wee visit.  They have a nice new patio area in the sunny back yard.   Enuf space…we kinda had our masks on and off.   ( I’m having trouble being so careful.  Only one of them goes out into the world to work  a little bit , so I think we could be together... )   SO fun to see them in person!   “School” is over so now what?   Maybe the driver’s license for Tatum?  We’ll talk to Fiona tomorrow…she was all smiles today...and there's a project in the works...

More in extra… Boppa playing with Maple and , Jasper the cat now has a harness and leash for the backyard. ( quite hard to believe he tolerates it! )

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