Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Father's Day

Happy Father’s day to all fathers out there.  Good wishes from sons and then the highpoint of the day….. a little outside visit by one of them and family… So…. has to be the blip since the in person photos are so few these days.   The Mom said it’s about the Dads and sons.  We are so fortunate!  I’m getting very tired of this distance thing tho, but they too are trying to protect “the old folks”… !     Will catch the other family in person soon!   We missed Oskar (who did get a haircut! but not Nik) until we heard him call us from the roof deck!    And he found cookies inside!   
The other good part of today was watching Philip Glass’ Akhnaten, a great performance from the Met.  Online for 24 hours,  We barely finished it in the time frame , but now have to have the DVD…It was memorably, breathtakingly beautiful in all ways!  Historical Eqyptian history that made us long to travel  back to Egypt.   Part of the composer's portrait trilogy.. the first being Einstein on the Beach (5 hours long!!)  and the second, Satyagraha, which is on tonight!   (Seattle has done this one, about Gandhi) …We’ll be watching it too!   A break from British mysteries and Vera. :-)   
 (extra, Osk with tv screens ….Akhnaten and Nefretiti,  And his father and the fabulous  jugglers.)

And now, to order takeout pizza.  (Other extra) 

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