Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

"What I miss while in quarantine".

The family challenge for this week:   things, not people.     Dining OUT, Games, “ref-ing”  Bball games from the stands, Raider Basketball, Leaving school at the end of the day, art museums, the Honda 90, The plant based ice cream shop, and dinner on the porch at the island.  One person, I guess, isn’t missing anything ..has a different drummer.:-)

I love these fun connections!  

Our lovely Canadian neighbors on the island went over and cut down the jungle that was growing there by our cabin at top of dock,.—said at least it looks like someone is living there now.    And so many stories of Americans sneaking into Canada somehow or other… some Americans found camping in BC were ordered to quarantine in the campground for 14 days and had to hire people to shop for food and supplies and leave it at the edge of the campground. they were forced to pay also for the surrounding campsites that had to remain vacant for the next 2 weeks. Besides paying the $1200  fine!  (I thought this was a story worth writing. I think we won’t try sneaking in.   )

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