Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Good Hair Day

The Grandchildren were left with us today. This morning we had a trip to Endcliffe Park to use up some of their energy on the swings and slides. When they got into the car they spotted this grey Afro wig. I had brought it with me to tease out all the fibres on the long car journey yesterday. They don't brush easily but are improved by hand separating the strands.

After lunch we did some biscuit-making and by this time the wig had been brought into the house. Biscuits in the oven, sticky fingers washed and the wig was on! Emily was amused to see the shots of herself.

In the Extra shot there's Daniel having his turn. Not the best hairstyle for a cricketer, we should have got out the guitar!

Oh, I never said, we keep some fun wigs in the studio dressing-up box!

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