Goodbye Honda, Hello Harley

Today was a very sad day for me when I handed over my beloved Honda CTX1300, probably the most fabulous bike in existence  as far as I am concerned.
But, as you know, it's far too heavy for me to manouvre when I'm off the bike pushing it around, although you don't notice any weight at all when you are on the move.

My new ride is the Harley Davidson XL1200T, only 100cc less than the CTX but more importantly it's 100Kg less and very easy to push around. It's also fun to ride and has that Harley 'Thumpity Thumpity' sound when you stop at traffic lights etc.
I think we are going to get along just fine although I will miss riding the CTX.
First outing will be next Saturday (unless I'm very lucky) at the Gloucester Armed Forces Day at the docks, in front of the Soldiers of Gloucestershire museum, which will also be open on the day. Looks like it's going to be a fabulous day if I do say so myelf (I'm secretary of the organising committee!).

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