Heuchera flower

I did remember that today was a landmark blip, ie 2000 of them but I wasn't able to easily travel far for a special one and considering the weather I decided it would be a macro.  My husband had the car as he is doing a last bike ride before the Nello challenge on Sunday, so I caught the bus to do the sprint cycle and was pretty tired after that.  So although its been a very warm humid day the sun barely peaked through and the sky was pretty flat.  I decided to do something I had put off for a few years and cleaned out my wardrobe throwing away a fair number of clothes and disturbing a moth!  It does look so much better but I need to replace the lavender moth repellent sachets.

This pretty Heuchera was flowering in the garden and so is todays special blip.  Reflecting on so many blips I am especially grateful to the team of Directors who managed to save it all those years ago and continue to maintain it in their own time.  Blip has kept me keeping a personal diary that I can easily look back on, being always on the look out for a blip so keeping my eye tuned, enjoying the travels and different lifestyles of other blippers, meeting up with some of you and taught me a lot about photography.  Here's to many more blips.

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