Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Green Heron

The scene:

We're on our walk, on Chapel Spring Lane, walking past the farm pond where from time to time wonderful things are seen. At this point in the season it's nearly impossible to see anything because of the leaves on the trees. There's one very small window to look through and I peer down there as we go past, both coming and going. At this point we are on our way back, I pass it thinking "that's just a dead spike of a dead branch on that dead tree sticking up" and then I think "maybe I should make sure." So I stop and walk back and point my camera at it.

The Husband: What are you doing?

Me: Making sure that thing is just a stick.

The Husband: ??? What else would it be?

Me: Oh - maybe a green heron? 

The Husband: *heavy sigh*

Me: And... it's a green heron!!

The Husband: You needed to use your camera to see that?

Me: Yes. Come here look. See that... stick sticking up from that dead log?

The Husband: Yes.

Me: That's a green heron.

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