Crazy About Birds

By Kimb


Ronda Raccoon was back this morning - I heard Bugs do the raccoon bark outside and took a photo of him on the rock under the branch where she was sitting hoping for peanuts. There were no peanuts because I think the smell of them very likely attracts the bear. But since she was there, after I got Bugsy back inside I took her a helping of peanuts and she settled down happily to eat them. It took a surprisingly long time. She must eat one peanut at a time!

But this is not Ronda, obviously. This is our Bun! We seem to have this one adolescent cottontail rabbit. No adult has been spotted. Never more than just this one youngster. Of course there could easily be six that we're just seeing one at a time. In any case - s/he's adorable.

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