Day at a Time

By Tweedy


A tiny bottle of Pálinka for Tiny Tuesday. Thanks to loisbiz for hosting. It's a present which our Borrow my Doggy friends kindly brought back from their holiday in Hungary. I think they might have imbibed a bit more than this 40ml bottle but they're young and were on holiday. The dogs were ridiculously excited to see them yesterday. So were we!

I said yesterday that the yellow rain warning didn't come to much. Well, I was proved wrong in the evening when there was a terrific thunderstorm with prolonged, really heavy rain. There was flooding in many parts of town. This morning is calm and dry. The garden has taken a bit of a battering but if that's the worst damage we got off lightly.

My day is mapped out with a meeting of the local authority's planning committee on behalf of the Community Council this morning. Hmmmm. Then this afternoon collecting the four year old from nursery for her Tuesday sleepover. We're completely out of routine so I'm hoping she's looking forward to it as much as I am. Once she's here it'll be non-stop till bedtime so an early blip from me.

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