Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

Devils' Family

Had lunch down the Mumbles today with friends Mike and Sharon from the Cardiff Devils.  When I made those first tentative steps to see ice hockey in the flesh, Mike and Sharon and Tim, another friend, were the first supporters of the Devils that I talked to.  They made me feel very welcome and part of the Devils' family, so much so that before I became a season ticket holder I made sure I had tickets in their row at the back of the Big Blue Tent.  We all sit in the same block in the new arena now.  A good lunch and chat, it was good to see them.

Weather was a bit funny, when I left home it was raining, get to Mumbles it was scorching and sunny, get back home after lunch and it's still raining.  Not a great distance to travel, but miles and miles apart in terms of weather.

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