a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Loch Awe


Day 2 of our extended NC500 trip saw us travel from Dumbarton to Islay via Oban.  The day started wet and got wetter as we came up Loch Lomond.  At one stage it was sufficient wet for me to wonder whether we might actually be riding in the loch itself.  We stopped at St Conan's Kirk to take advantage of their tea room and warm up a bit in the dry.  By the time we'd drunk our tea the rain had stopped and as we made it to Oban the sun was shining.

Shortly after Oban we met up with Wee Flecky for a coffee and chat before heading on down to Kennacraig for the ferry to Islay.  It was as we sat chatting in the sunshine that we realised that we had got the time of the ferry wrong, and had actually just missed our sailing ...  Fortunately we were able to reorganise our ticket for the next ferry as we were on motorbikes.

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