By Technophobe

Subterranean homesick blues.

We've had an exciting day today, and very tiring in the heat. We went to the Chaos de Montpellier-le-Vielle which is a bit of a mouthful . It's  an area with some incredible geology, huge pillars of rock worn away by water and time. It was quite a steep walk to explore the area. Then, a bit of a drive away,  the Grotte  Dargilan.  A massive cave system. We went down into the bowels of the earth ( it seemed) with a guide . It was all beautifully presented and well lit with a concrete walkway. There were fantastic shapes and folds of rock formed over millennia, all dripping and shiny and cold. It was a good place to go on a scorching hot afternoon. Ive chosen a photo with a bit of the railing in to give some sense of scale.
Extra, wildflowers on the plateau above Cantobre. I thought they might be orchids but not so sure after looking closely. Anyway they are very pretty.
We're heading for the channel from tomorrow ,taking a couple of days to do it. 

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