Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1705. V&A Video Game Exhibition

I have spent the day in Dundee with my step daughter who went for her PiP assessment and it went fine but we’re both emotionally drained.  She was beside herself with anxiety about the whole thing not helped by the centre messing up her appointment meaning a delay of an hour and 40 minutes. We had time to visit the V&A as I thought it might distract her and calm her nerves a bit and I spotted this in the video game exhibition.  I took photos on my phone and even sent this one to my non-binary offspring as I thought it would make them smile. (it did!) We had lunch then headed back to the centre and it seemed to go ok but I got the impression that the assessor had little experience of learning disability but she was kind and patient and my step daughter asked for lots of explanations...starting with the opening question which was about her “conditions” which I had to explain to her as she had no idea what a condition was!  From reading stuff online it appears that a very high percentage of these claims are refused only to be accepted on appeal so I’ve warned her that a return visit might be necessary.  The whole experience has left her a bit sad as we have spent her whole life encouraging her to focus on things she can do and this experience has been quite negative for her as they only want to hear about what she can’t do.  I guess it’s a means to an end but not a pleasant one.
I took lots of phone photos and we did a lot of walking and spotted quite a few of the “Wullie “ statues which was fun...home now thank goodness!

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