Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Family Portrait

The Osprey family is growing fast!  I hadn't looked at the camera for over a week and the chicks have gotten so big.  I went to visit them at the nest this morning and could see their little heads all the way from the other side of their pond.  My main blip shows Dad on the left and Mom in the front with the chicks huddling close.  They are both there but the one in back wouldn't lift its head.  My extra is Mom and the two chicks.  As much as I prefer my DSLR, my little superzoom camera is still my go to for shots like this.  My blip was taken at about a 1300mm equivalent (65x).  It would look a lot better if I used a tripod.  Even if I could afford a lens that could do that, I wouldn't be able to lift it!!  (My extra was in the digital range so I could get in closer (about 130x) but a lot of the clarity is lost.)  Many thanks to Cailleach for hosting Wild Wednesdays!

I am grateful that my foot was well enough for a walk this morning!  The doctor said it should be almost back to normal in a week and he was right.  Yay!!


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