Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Smiles all round

It is lovely to have Luke and Meriel home again, and they are enjoying the relaxing period of having finished exams and university. Their last, long summer holiday as they will be entering the working world in the autumn.

We went out to a cafe for lunch to celebrate their results and I wanted to take a photo of them there only to discover that my camera won't focus and is presumably broken (I did drop it whilst in its padded camera bag yesterday and thought nothing of it but clearly something has gone wrong). Just what I need with two graduations coming up followed shortly by the holiday of a lifetime. Thankfully I kept my old camera body, as I have been in circumstances when I use two cameras as there is no time to switch lenses, but it I must get it repaired as soon as possible.

Tonight is the start of a very busy social period. It is Gavin's work summer party which is drinks and snacks at the Oxo tower restaurant in London, which has superb views over London and on a hot night like this it will be a joy to be outside on the terrace overlooking the city. Thomas has his Leaver's Ball tonight which is always a fun event after their final exams. 

Tomorrow morning we leave to go to Cambridge as Adam's graduation is early on Saturday morning, so we needed to be there the night before. Gavin however wants to go to the office for an hour or so and so has kindly offered to take my camera to Fixation in Vauxhall to get it repaired. (Although the Nikon head office is near to me and I have had repairs done there before, I think Fixation do a better job!) Fixation said they should be able to repair it in a matter of days so I will have it back before we go on holiday. Thankfully I have my other camera for all the graduation photos as all of Adam's friends also want photos taken so I will be busy on Saturday! After the graduation we have to rush back home to change into our posh outfits as it is the Summer Ball at school, held for parent's and staff every second year. Sad to think it will be my last one.

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