Dulce et Decorum est

We travelled further south today but are still in France,  I am a fan of WW1 poetry, particularly the works of Wilfred Owen, who wrote some of the most skillfully crafted and honest literature ever.  There is so much evidence of the atrocities and foolishness of war in this area it is mind numbing, but taking time today to visit the grave of Owen and then a museum dedicated to his time here in France really brought home the stupidity and irresponsibility of it all; it is beyond belief how so many young men could be sent so callously to their deaths.

We plan to visit one more battle site tomorrow - Verdun - and then head east towards Luxembourg for some scenery and a reminder that life can be beautiful.

Tonight we are on one of the many free sites on the continent.  There is space for five motorhomes with three on it tonight - all Brits (well, two from Scotland) - there is free electricity and water available plus rubbish disposal facilities. Bargain! It is alongside a canal so reversing skills will be important in the morning! 

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