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By Sallymair

Incey Wincey Spider...

Spotted this rather lovely specimen on the grapevine in the garden today. I don't think I've ever seen such a brightly coloured spider in the UK before.
I bottled up the elderflower champagne this morning, I've never made anything fermented before so it's all a bit of an adventure. I've already 'popped' the bottles once today, so it's definitely active.
Round to the Rectory this afternoon while the piano was being picked up. It's all empty now and looking rather sad. It's a lovely house, we're all looking forward to it having new tenants.
Did some more gardening this afternoon and then lay around in the sunshine to recover.
I can't believe it's Friday again tomorrow, and almost the end of June, where does the time go. Still I can guarantee that from 11.15-11.45 tomorrow the clock will move very slowly while I'm sitting in the dentist`s chair!
15458 steps, a good start to my step week

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