An Outing

A snap decision to head up country in the hope of seeing a hoar frost, I messaged my friends to see if anyone was keen, they all were but two couldn't make it.  OldTimer could, and she really enjoyed our day as both Doug and I did also.
As per usual, I took too many photos, so this evening have included some extras (I had to scroll back and do some deleting as had run out of extras).  The extras show an overview of our day, and tomorrow I'll hopefully edit some more.
The trees were stunning, but the frost was melting rather quickly. 
You may recall this, taken three weeks ago.....after we had taken enough hoar frost covered trees, we headed up the Ahuriri Valley again, as this time the weather was fabulous and we could see the mountains (the second and third extra).  The ice sculpture at Omarama was looking outstanding and Lake Pukaki/Mt Cook sunset colours drop dead gorgeous.

Its been a fabulous day, long with lots of driving - we took our recently repaired Isuzu 4x4 and it went like a charm.....Doug the mechanic while three other garages couldn't fix the has sat in our garage for over two years not going.  Top job Doug, and he is very proud of himself, I am too.


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