By AnneILM60

I am gutted!

So I am going to break down and be honest with everyone about why I haven't been visiting everyone on blip every day and why I haven't been commenting like I used to.

The summer heat is here again and it has arrived early with a vengeance.  I have two choices when the heat arrives; stay indoors with the A/C and go crazy with cabin fever in no time or spend time outdoors and have energy totally sapped out of me. 

This year I have opted to spend most of my mornings working in my gardens.  As a result, I have little or no energy left for anything else.  I nap most afternoons.  I can't focus to follow blips and type comments.  I got discouraged about those that only followed or commented on my blips when I commented on theirs.  

Then today, as Kent and I were traveling to attend the funeral of his Aunt, I got a message that I had failed to see that my Blip friend Raspberry passed away on the 25th.  This is certainly a Black Friday for me.

I don't even know what to say right now.  I had fun making Raspberry a couple of different holiday collars and a gray felt witches hat.  She was the perfect model.  (Unlike any of the three pictured here - they see a prop at 30ft and run!)

I still miss seeing photos of Max so know I'll be missing Raspberry doing her modeling for many years to come.  I can only imagine the hole she has left in the lives of those at Dogcorner.  Love you B & T 

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