Quite like old times.

"New readers start here."

Many years ago a pigeon landed in the garden, obviously a bit "off". I gave it some of the bird food, it eventually took off, made it 1/2 way up, bashed into the kitchen window & sank to window ledge.
I eventually threw it onto the roof, it toddled up to the crest & successfully took off - back next day - of course.
Eventually it brought one of its "mates" for a free nosh up.
The flock grew to about 8-9, unusually, mostly "red". If more than 8-9 turned up, or (Racist?) more none red than red = no feed.
Person or persons unknown decimated them, or more. They became people-shy and fewer; eventually ceasing to visit.
Slowly a few other colours did appear, intermittently.
Today is the 1st time for YONKS I've had them:-
1. On the lawn while I was out there.
2. All red, except the Cushat.
I can't in all honesty claim to "know" them,  but the darkest behaved like I remember one similar - bossing/bullying one of the others and seeing off the much bigger cushat. I see one of them is rung, probably a this year's sprog.
Cushat got its own back - up on next door's ridge tiles, by seeing off one of the reds.

"Girroff me LAND!"

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