By biddy


I took this photo today but it sums up our visit to Bristol yesterday.
We were greeted by three very excited children who had been waiting for us, two of them on the windowsill looking outside. I always message when we are about 10 minutes away. 
Plenty of hurrying and scurrying as we got to the front door. 
"Granny and Grandad are here!"
    After 3 months it was so lovely to see everyone again. 
Big hugs, letters pushed into our hands, and drawings. 
What a welcome!
In Sammy's letter (aged 7) he had asked if he would be writing more of the story he began on grandad's laptop. "Paddington and the Wizard"
     "Will be we doing any baking?" they asked, on the hottest day of the year!
We did, after lunch. Grandad is always prepared and brings the ingredients with us. 
It was carrot cake this time, made in three identical small cake tins, , labelled with their names, I helped Toby to write his.
  Too hot to go outside till late afternoon when the paddling pool and sprinkler could be used in the garden. 
I enjoyed cuddles with Bonnie, before she went for her nap. 
 Carrot cake a success. Everyone had a piece out of their own tin. 
Lots of other activities interspersed during the day.......
Fish and chips for tea.
Time goes so quickly with a lot of things packed in!
We got ready to leave just before they started the bedtime routines. 
More big hugs, group hugs as well with the kids (!) they insist! 
Back in the car again for the 1 hour 50 minute journey home. Traffic is fairly light at that time of the evening. 
We do always make a stop en route. 
Cooler here today, and very pleasant.     
   An extra of the poppies that were opened today. They look like they are having a wild time! 

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