Blipping blippers convention

I've been helping with  a Pop-Up Studio photography opportunity all day today at the Linton Scarecrow Festival with nonpcplod.  There was a steady trickle of people, and although we were not as busy as I'd hoped, there were enough punters to make it worthwhile.

It was lovely sitting in the sunshine and chatting...and since we were very close I took the chance to get a proper look at the prom star car.  I'd never seen anything like it until I saw it on Davidd's blip and I'd never heard anything like it until today... it's loud!  And it's an amazing colour... which changes from purple, to blue to orange depending on which way you are looking at it.  See extra for the orange side.

For a picture of nonpcplod and I see ukulelehayley's blip.

James has arrived home for a week - it's so great to see him.

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