By Yorkshirebred


My half-sister met me after church, and we walked to the next village where we hoped to get lunch. Very breezy, but that kept us cool. At the pub we chose seafood cocotte, then I had roast turkey and sis had a salmon and haddock dish. My roast dinner arrived with salad, delivered by a bemused waitress who said it should be seasonal veg. She went back to the kitchen returning laughing with a dish of veggies, and said the new chef was Dutch and insisted Sunday Dinner should always have salad on the side! I’m not normally a Chardonnay fan, but my sis does a lot of wine tasting and chose one which was really lovely. I was full but sis managed an Orange Bailey’s cheesecake as well. We then decided to walk back, and when we neared the village she realised she had her car and had been drinking. Decided to walk round Coppice Pond then she went off to Bingley and I walked home. My arthritic foot is now throbbing badly, and I’m supposed to be on another walk with her tomorrow taking out doofus GS Gladys! Poor foot! Lots of scenes on the way home so did a collage, although the lamb sheltering from the sun nearly won!

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