By PaulaJ

. . . and a Well

Manannán mac Lir was the Celtic Irish Neptune, who lived in the depths of Loch Foyle and navigated its waters in a metal boat. Here seen as a sculpture at Gortmore Viewpoint on the spectacular Bishop's Road, which travels across the top of Benevenagh Mountain from Limavady to the sea. Amazing views, well would have been if it hadn't been a bit hazy.

It often happens with us that we set off with a sort of plan and then we talk to people, I look at books and leaflets that I pick up and Gordon looks at maps . . . and suddenly we are diverted and end up somewhere completely different. It happened today.

We watched the ferry going across from the remote Maguilligan Point to Donegal and wondered what would happen here come Brexit  - custom/security controls in this tiny place!! Found a Martello Tower amongst the dunes (see Extra). Wandered the ruins of a medieval chapel. Arrived in the place whose claim to fame is that it was the source of the well-known tune 'The Londonderry Air' or 'Danny Boy'. We dodged showers and found a few bright intervals. 

Oh and I searched out a Holy Well (see Extra) and, this being Ireland, it was a well-tended well with offerings and a 'Jury's Inn' mug to use if partaking of the waters - I didn't!! 

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