As it was my husband's birthday today we went to Cambridge. We always try to do something on his birthday, as for many years no one remembered that it actually was his birthday! We did not go to Addenbrookes or to shop, but for a relaxing day out and a walk. We sometimes go to the seaside on his birthday, but decided against that today.

We started with coffee and cake in John Lewis and then walked, over the entire day, with various stops for more cake and coffee over twelve kilometres. We walked to the University Centre, and then South by the river, before walking back along The Backs. We walked back along The Causeway and then back to the river before walking across Jesus Green and Midsummer Common. From there we walked to the Grafton Centre where we had our final coffee and cake although I had hot chocolate. We then walked back across Christ's Pieces to the bus stop.

Once home we visited out family, once they were home from work, so that they could give him cards and presents.

I took 147 pictures (my husband took 142) and I chose this one as I do not believe I have ever blipped this scene. The colours are straight out of the camera, the sky, when I took this picture, really was this colour. At times the sky turned grey and cloudy, but it did not rain,

During our walk we met blipper “blast” from “itsablast”, but this computer does not allow me to put a link in; I am not sure why, but once I put on the other computer I will add a link.

It was a pleasant day, not too hot and not too cold, but with a breeze at times; it was nineteen degrees Celsius at GMT noon.

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