By suehutton

Heart of a Cosmos Flower

I've loved cosmos ever since I was a kid when my Dad allowed me to sow the seeds. Of course, it tends to take over and bloom year after year but the flowers are so colourful and vibrant.

Well, Len knew of my regard for cosmos and bought a plant when we were at a garden centre earlier this year. He planted it in one of the big pots on the patio. It towers over the other plants like a huge umbrella. Today, finally, it flowered. And what a lovely flower. A deep burgundy colour with a bright yellow heart. I grabbed a camera and took a shot, or two. Had to reject three other photos because the breeze was blowing it about, despite a fast shutter speed.

A William day. Will and I were the only ones at Mummy Meet except for Tim popping in with Bobby. But William liked that. He had the whole garden and all of the toys, and me, to himself.

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