By Viewpoint

Good to see these butterflies

From left to right: Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Painted Lady.  A Small Tortoiseshell got away!  Butterflies seen from the path that leads from the Trans Pennine Trail up to the A628 at Wortley.  Surprisingly I also came across quite a few (damaged) fungi on the path through the wood as I returned to my car.  Mainly the Amanita family - possibly blushers but I’m not totally sure.  Most were quite slug damaged,

I chose this walk as I’d spotted poppies in one of the fields on the outskirts of Wortley which turned out to be a hay field, so I’m guessing in another day or two it will be cut - they’d already cut one by the path. However, the very best patch I found was just around the corner from the bridge over the `trail’, in a patch of land that almost looked like `set aside’ (are they still running that scheme?), but which I’m guessing had been left as cover for the pheasant rearing.  I disturbed a flock of blackbirds as I approached it - you never see them in those kinds of quantities usually.  

I’ve got quite a collection of poppy photos now, so I just neem to decide what I’m going to do with them.

Extra: the first of my processed Poppy photos - using a pep-ventosa technique to combine three images.  I think this was the only set of the landscape view that I took.

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