An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Best buddies...

I can't look at this photo without filling up.

Another beautiful day.

Jordan again delivered breakfast made by Ally.  French toast and a delicious fruit cocktail drink made of orange juice, strawberries, orange segments and banana.  Delicious and this time I was awake and up and could enjoy it :-))

After breakfast the guys went to Leaplish and spent most of the day there enjoying he sunshine and the wonderful views of Kielder water.  I think they also went to the Visitor Centre cafe for waffles and ice cream.

We joined them at Leaplish for a little while where everyone except me, but including Lola, went for a paddle.  Lola even decided she would have a little sit down in the water!  :-))

We had planned to have a BBQ this evening but the BBQ was tiny so we just grilled everything and ate outside :-))

Andrew had asked to go in the hot tub so it had been agreed that David and him would go in after dinner.  Andrew also confided in me had he had a "fantastic" surprise lined up for David, which basically consisted of throwing basins of cold water over him!  Hahahahaha...I was sworn to secrecy!!! 

After dinner and once David was (thankfully) in his swimming shorts, the basins of cold water appeared (and bottles of water that had been in the fridge) and poor David's fantastic surprise was delivered!  (see extra)  

He took it all in good part although when he told Andrew that he'd get his revenge at some point, suddenly Jordan was elevated from helping Andrew deliver the surprise, to the main ideas man and instigator!  Jordan's face was a picture as he, quite rightly, protested his innocence! :-))))

Time in the hot tub was very short as the midges came out on the attack, forcing a retreat indoors.  Probably just as well as we still had to pack to come home!  

The photo of David and Andrew in the hot tub makes me laugh because to my eye it looks as though they are holding up fake arms to wave!  :-)))

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