An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Homeward bound...


The end of a lovely holiday.  No idea why we booked Monday to Friday instead of a full week.  Brain not in gear when we were booking.

Up bright and early to another lovely day. 

We stopped at Eileen and Michael's chalet to say goodbye then we were on our way home just after 10am.  Ally and Jordan following us in the hope of less eventful journeys home than on the way here.

We made a quick stop at the Visitor Centre gift shop to buy a gift for Gill who was looking after the house.

We had such a lovely journey home as we could actually see all the beautiful scenery that we'd missed on the way down.  As we left the wifi wilderness, my phone started pinging.  Whilst it felt good to be back in the loop again, there is something lovely about being out the loop!

We got home just after 2pm and got straight into unpacking.  David and Jordan returned the hire car, all in one piece.  Phew.

Ashleigh was here in the evening and Andrew couldn't wait to tell her all about the holiday and all that he'd done.  It was wonderful to hear him enthusing about what a great time he'd had and how proud he was of himself for having a go at all the activities we'd signed up for.  Exactly the result I'd been hoping for :-))

We were all pretty shattered so in bed quite sharp...zzzzzz


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