An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The sun has got his hat on...

Unfortunately it's a rainmate!

Well my stomach muscles were so sore this morning I could hardly move!  And all from the hysterical laughter at our Zoom pub quiz last night.  If you don't already have Kazoo Karaoke then I suggest you get it ASAP!  What a scream!

I was the one "Kazooing," the others were guessing.  It took about 40 attempts before I got any further than four notes into the first song because everyone was laughing hysterically!  Not helped by David shouting "Stop!  There's a giant wasp in the room!"   And I had 20 songs to get through!

Eventually I calmed down enough to get through them but it took ages because it was just so funny!  Emily's boyfriend Sam choked on his crisps at one point, he was laughing so hard.  Oh my.  I will never be able to listen to Mr Brightside or The Weather Girls again without tears of laughter.  And we won again!  Third time :-))

Just after we said our goodbyes my phone pinged with a message in our pub quiz WhatsApp group.  Emily had videoed parts of my Kazooing!  OMG!  To see yourself as others see you!  Not always good!  Hahahahaha!

And so a relaxing day today.  In the year since I started painting again, I have painted a fair few things for others but haven't painted anything for myself.  Well today I began to rectify that and started a little piece for me.  Just something silly, well it made me smile.  I'll hopefully finish it tomorrow.

Also spent some time with my camera photographing the sunflowers that David bought.  Hoping to paint these too.

Dinner shortly then hopefully a swim later.  Help my aching stomach muscles :-)

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