My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Feeling sorry for himself

Around 3am Mr Wilkinson came round to apologise for the delays and that he thought the best option now was to give Owen a feed and get him prepped ready for the 'morning'.

He was originally scheduled for 10am but thanks to yet more emergencies he was pushed back again. We eventually took him down to theatre at half past 2.
A little bit more investigative this time they wanted to pass the camera down a bit further to have a look at his lower oesophagus and stomach and he was a lot sleepier when we went to see him in recovery afterwards. Still, dilatation #12 done, we were back on the ward with Owen feeling a little sorry for himself by 4 o'clock. A bit of milk and some obs over the next couple of hours, he'd perked up and we were allowed to head home at 6.

Just as we got home we got a phone call from one of the surgeons to say that there was less tightening than we feared and that his lower oesophagus and stomach linings looked normal. A sigh of relief that there's nothing more sinister going on lower down that's causing the bleeding.

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