My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

The waiting game

3am left the house just after Owen had his last milk feed.
5am in Manchester Children's, through A&E.
9am saw his surgeon and signed consent for dilatation #12, 12 others on the list.
1pm finally allocated a bed and pre-op tests done.
2pm up to ward 85 (not been there before).
4pm changed into his surgical gown and trying to distract him with toys and books.
6pm another TOF to operate on.
7pm decided to cannulate to get some fluids into him. Owen would be next in line.
10pm told another emergency case had come in.
Midnight still waiting.

Unfortunately that's the nature of the emergency surgery list. Owen's held it up himself on a couple of occasions. It just meant that he kept getting pushed back and back and back and back...and back.

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