My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Back again

Back into Telford A&E and their depressing as hell children's waiting room at 7am this morning. Owen was sick overnight and with a lot of blood in it, worse than last time so we thought we should take him in to get him checked over.

He'd been sleeping very loudly when Louisa took him downstairs about 1am and he was sick for the first time. He then pretty much lasted until around half past 5 when he was sick on her again. So I got up and took him back downstairs...where he was sick again, all over the sofa again, just this time over me instead. A quick change of t-shirt and sleepsuit and he was sick again. That was the final straw and we got packed up and headed over to the hospital.

The Children's waiting room has very little natural light and 3 of the 6 lights in there weren't working. The paintwork is supposed to make it bright and fun but succeeds only in making it feel oppressive and a little sad. The scattering of misused toys just add to the whole effect and I'd probably rather wait in the 'normal' waiting room.

Once triaged it was over an hour in the waiting room here before being taken to a cubicle for tests and notes then over to Children's Assessment for more tests and notes with the nurse and then more tests and notes with the registrar. It takes even longer because we have to explain Owen's whole history each time. The registrar had a listen to his breathing and decided that there was no suspicion of aspiration *sigh of relief* and that it was most likely irritation of the stomach lining exacerbated by the actual being sick. He was happy to give him an anti-emetic, see him feed, see how he dealt with that and, if no issues, for us to go home.
6 hours after getting there we were on way home.

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