My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

What the....?!?

After 12 hours at work I was glad to get home. So at quarter past midnight, just as we were about to try and get some sleep, Owen made a horrible gurgling sound and started being sick. Horrible brown, bloody, projectile sick that went everywhere; clothes, carpet, bed, Louisa, and me.

He's been struggling recently with his reflux, especially at night, and there's been bits of blood in the positing he's done (his surgeon suggested changing his meds because of it, but we've not been able to collect them yet) but this was on a whole other level. After about 5 seconds deliberation, we got him ready, packed a bag and headed over to Telford to get him checked out in the Women & Children's centre.

Predictably, as usual, he was acting happy as anything once we got there around 1am, giggling and smiling at everyone we saw.
After some obs taken in A&E triage we were taken round to the assessment unit where they checked him over (again) and did some obs (again). Thankfully they said that his chest sounded clear so no aspiration and as he'd had no other episodes they were happy to monitor him feeding and then let us go home if we wanted to, or we could stay if we were more comfortable with that, our choice apparently.

A bottle of milk, and no reaction, later we decided that there would be no difference in being in the hospital or at home and that home would be more comfortable for all of us. So we were discharged with an upping of his ranitidine dose to combat the reflux until we get his omeprazole and open access back onto the assessment unit if anything else were to happen.

Finally home at 4am!
Stressful child!

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