Large Heath

Suffering from habitat loss the Large Heath butterfly is under pressure from farming and housing as it likes boggy areas. A species of national concern. 

Many large colonies have disappeared and a two hour drive to get to Whixall Moss seemed doomed to failure as meeting the County Recorder who was 'worried' and had seen neither this nor a dragon made me think after hours of searching I was going to have to go home and report a no show scenario! Sticking it out and walking in the heat over the peaty bog terrain paid off and a Large Heath flew down the path bobbing along the ground, so naturally I followed and it landed. Wondering in panic why my camera wasn't focusing I had it on manual ...... hmm, however it stayed long enough for me to get a shot or two. They always sit with their wings closed so most of the photos you see are a side view like this one.

This was my quest sorted and I was delighted to get it finally after a few years of looking. It only flies for a couple of months and meeting the CR at the next butterfly site - I was obviously stalking him, he laughed gritted his teeth as he hadn't seen one, likening his smile to the Tom & Jerry cartoon smile but only joking. 

I have loved my day and for me this is what having a camera is all about.

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