By Rosemarie55

Borage (Borago officinalis)

There is a saying 'things happen in threes'  -  it certainly did for me this morning  -  I took some more garden waste to the Dump at 11.30 am only to find it doesn't open until 12.15 on a Wednesday.  So meanwhile I decided to do some shopping at Aldis, only find the road there was closed for repairs  -  that meant a mile diversion!  Well, the third thing that went wrong was finding I couldn't get on to Blipfoto.  Never mind, there is anoher saying 'All's well that ends well'  -  so here I am with a Borage blip. The Borage season is well underway  -  and a handful of flowers added to my daily salads.  According to folklore Borage is also known as ‘Herb of Gladness’, and was traditionally thought to dispel melancholy and give courage, ‘I, Borage, bring always courage’. The flowers were added to the final stirrup cup to those leaving to fight in the Crusades  -  Source   Well, I'm glad to be a cheerful and courageous Borage-eater☺

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