A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

The Hole of Parys

J had spotted an unexpected attraction on Anglesey - a defunct copper mine by the name of Parys Mountain.  It didn't appear on any tourist material (we're probably not average tourists; no, correct that, we're definitely not average tourists...).  It hardly appeared on the OS map, which, for what was once the biggest copper mine in Europe, is a bit odd.

Anyway, it was free to walk round.  The colours were amazing.  I'd naively expected lots of green ore but, of course, that's what's been removed - leaving lots of mostly iron ore.

Popped in to Penrhyn Castle (a Victorian over-the-top stylized castle) on the way back and, yes, it was well and truly over the top.  Some glorious craftsmanship though.  

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