By Pinkhairedlady

Shopping and tidying

Off to Livingston today as my daughter wanted some new boots - first stop was the designer outlet with the Kurt Geiger shop. She was spoilt for choice and ended up with not one, not two but 3 pairs of boots for the princely sum of £15 each - a special price for today! She was very pleased.

Did a bit more shopping them headed home to sort out the house before the visitors arrive tomorrow (K’s boyfriend and M’s girlfriend) as we are all going out for dinner to celebrate K’s birthday.

Fridges sorted, kitchen and utility room cleaned within an inch of their lives. It’s amazing how much junk accumulates between cleaning!!

Wanted to try and pull together some photos now I’ve understood how to use pic collage so I hope no-one minds me using it as my blip for today.

Thank you so much for comments and stars - I’m a bit behind with visiting your journals but hope to get there in a couple of days.

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