By MsQuizzical


I should have sorted my phone ages ago but the thought of going into EE and facing the hard sell put me off. Today my daughter and our hounds walked 10,000 steps into town and back to deal with it. As we arrived at EE we were told brusquely that dogs are not allowed. We turned on our heels and went a few doors down to Carphone Warehouse where we were delighted to find a good friend of my grandson's working while he is down from uni. He looked after me kindly and needed a while to transfer the data to my new phone, so we had a lovely risotto and a soft drink in the sunshine while he was doing it. The waiter thoughtfully brought water for Ollie and Frankie.

On the way back we spotted this black cat sprawled outside the front door of a house. When it spotted Ollie dog it jumped to its feet, arched its back and its hair stood on end as it looked daggers at her. It reminded me of a cat that I have seen in a film or a cartoon, maybe Cosmic Creepers from Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I was interested to read that a cat in this pose is a symbol of anarchism. 


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