Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Agapanthus sp

A day of small jobs around the house and a brief walk to the GP's surgery to collect a letter.

In the end I grabbed the camera and Lensbaby and played around with a few flowers in the garden.  The weather has been extremely pleasant the last few days, not too hot, no stifling humidity, but plenty of sunshine.  It kindly lit the flower head while leaving the background in shade, which helped to isolate the one flower.

We had a small outage of Blipfoto this afternoon.  In the past a slick Blipfoto machine would move into action whereas these days I had a text from Annie who dealt with the technical side of things while I posted a few messages for Facebook and Twitter while cooking dinner!  Still, once we were aware it didn't take long to sort things out.  We're pretty sure it wasn't related to the issues on Facebook today, just a coincidence.  

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